Statutory Committees

Auditing & Accounting Committee

  • Oversee the preparation of the Financial Reporting System [FRS] report. The FRS must include all books, records and activities of the Lodge, Home, Club, separate corporation and any other entity affiliated with the Lodge.

  • Receive from the Licensed Tax Professional and deliver to the Lodge by August 1 the applicable Federal and State tax returns, completed for all entities of the Lodge.

  • Ensure that each entity of the Lodge is documented in segregated profit and loss statements in the FRS.

  • Require the use of the Uniform Chart of Accounts provided in Section 4.330.

  • Act on other matters of finance as the Lodge may direct.

  • The Members of the Committee shall continue with their duties until the FRS for the month of March is completed, reported to the Lodge and filed with the Grand Lodge for the fiscal year in which it is appointed as herein directed.

  • The Committee shall, in the months of July, October and January, review the required record-keeping of the financial affairs of the Lodge and Club and compliance with the approved budget, and report at the last regular meeting of the Lodge during those months.

  • A Local Lodge shall use the FRS and comply with the Grand Lodge Auditing and Accounting Manual.

Government Relations Committee

  • Establishes contact with Legislators who represent their areas, provide them with pertinent information and charitable data and statistics concerning various Elks activities, invite them to attend and participate at Lodge events such as Flag Day, Scholarship Dinners, Youth and Drug Awareness activities, Veterans Events, and other appropriate functions. Lodge Chairs should also encourage all Elks Members to contact their Legislators on various issues as necessary on a case-by-case basis. They must work with their Lodge Secretaries, Lodge Officers and all Committee Chairs to ensure all data for the Survey of Volunteer, Youth, Charitable and Community Service Programs is compiled and reported to Grand Lodge. Lodge Chairs must keep their District and State Chairs informed as to what is happening in their Lodges and areas of jurisdiction in regards to Government Relations Activities, including legislation which could have an effect on our organization.

PER Association

Shall consist of all of the Past Exalted Rulers, as defined in Section 1.140 of the Statutes of the Order, which shall advise with and extend its counsel to all Lodge Officers and Committees, and shall have the following duties, subject to the limitations imposed by the Constitution and Statutes of the Order:

1. To elect its own Officers.

2. To adopt rules for the conduct of its business.

3. To hold meetings and to specify the dates of such meetings.

4. To make recommendations for Lodge Committee appointments and candidates for office.

5. To assist the Exalted Ruler.

6. To engage in and make recommendations in other activities which will promote the good of the Lodge and of the Order.

Standing Relief

  • The Exalted Ruler, Esteemed Leading, Loyal and Lecturing Knights, Secretary and Treasurer shall constitute the Standing Relief Committee of the Lodge

  • Shall examine their merits and recommend aid or relief according to the circumstances of the case. When a worthy Elk of this Lodge is destitute, unable to procure employment after diligent efforts, and actually without the necessities of life, he may make application in writing to the Lodge, or during the intervals between the meetings of the Lodge, to the Standing Relief Committee and may, if found worthy, be assisted from funds of the Lodge to a sufficient extent to provide him with the necessaries only.


  • Charged with promoting, coordinating and implementing the Ritualistic Ceremonies of the Lodge. Encouraging Ritualistic Competition participation at the LEA State Convention and Grand Lodge National Convention.

State Major Project

  • Charged with promoting, coordinating and implementing the LEA State Project Activities (Scholarships and Veterans Service).