Activities Committee

3) Activities Committee:

(3-A) Activities Sub-committee:

Activities Committee

  • Implement the drug awareness program and the Hoop Shoot program, of the Lodge, the State Association, and the Grand Lodge.

  • Supervise all matters pertaining to Lodge activities of civic, social, and community interest, including one program solely identified as Elks-sponsored within the jurisdiction of the Lodge, and develop community projects that emphasize the charitable works of the Order.

  • Prepare, supervise and conduct programs for the youth of the community, and implement all youth programs of the Lodge, the State Association, and the Grand Lodge.


Public Relations

    • Shall be charged with implementing the Public Relations Program of the Lodge, its State Association and the Grand Lodge.

Youth Activities

  • Prepare, supervise and conduct all Elks programs on behalf of the youth of the community, and shall have charge, supervision and responsibility for all youth programs of the Lodge, and all such matters as shall be referred to the Lodge by its State Association or the Grand Lodge Youth Activities Committee.

Hoop Shoot

  • Dedicated to the Elks “Hoop Shoot” program providing a constructive, character-building experience for young people who participate. The program allows competition with peers, free from outside influence of parents, coaches, or teammates. It teaches young people the importance of developing individual skills.

Drug Awareness

  • Dedicated to educating the community about the dangers and impacts of illegal substances and substance abuse. The committee works to support the national Elks Drug Awareness Program, which is the largest of its kind in the United States.