Lodge Activities

On the third Friday of each month is the Houma Elks Fraternal Social or Family Night.  This is an opportunity for us to come together for comradery so you can get to know your fellow Elks.  The 2019-2020 schedule for the Fraternal Social of Family Night is listed below.  We meet around 6:00 and socialize with family, friends and guest with the food being ready around 6:30.  So, if you are available bring the kids and a friend and come join us. 

The cost per plate is based on the theme and the food being served.  It will published as the event comes closer.  Everyone is invited.  Hope to see you there. 

June 19, 2019 - Wednesday

July 19, 2019 - Friday

August 23, 2019 - Friday

October 18, 2019 - Friday

October 24, 2019 - Thursday

November 15, 2019 - Friday

December 14, 2019 - Saturday

March 20, 2020 - Friday